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Anesthesia & Pain Management

Your pet's safety and comfort during surgery is our highest priority. We understand that surgery can be a stressful experience for both you and your pet. Scottsdale Ranch Animal Hospital uses advanced anesthetic protocols and monitoring systems to keep your pet comfortable and safe during surgery.


Before Surgery

All pets respond to anesthesia differently, which is why all pets requiring surgery undergo a thorough physical exam and pre-surgical blood testing prior to receiving anesthesia. These tests help us identify any pre-existing conditions that might complicate the use of anesthesia. Using this information, we develop an anesthetic protocol that is developed specifically for your pet. Isoflurane anesthetic is used during surgical procedures.


During Surgery

All patients have intravenous catheters and are intubated during surgery. Patients are kept warm using blankets and a heating pad during every procedure. You can rest easy knowing your pet is constantly monitored throughout surgery. We use state-of-the-art equipment to monitor your pet's heart rate and rhythm, respiration, pulse and blood pressure. A veterinary technician is always present during surgery to assist the doctor in monitoring and providing anesthesia to your pet.

After Surgery

Veterinary patients feel pain just as humans do. The veterinarians at Scottsdale Ranch Animal Hospital believe that pain management helps speed up recovery from surgery and improves your pet's overall quality of life. Pain medication is given to your pet during and after surgery. At discharge, you may receive pain medication to take home with your pet; our staff will instruct you on how to administer pain medication safely to your pet.