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Top 10 Reasons to Seek Medical Dog Boarding

Top 10 Reasons to Seek Medical Dog Boarding

You've got to leave town for a few days and are wondering what to do with your special needs dog. No need to worry - our pet boarding services and veterinary team in Scottsdale are here for you. In this post, we give you 10 great reasons to trust us with your furry best friend.

Leaving Your Special Needs Dog for Multiple Days

If you're going away on vacation or out of town for a few days for the first time since you've brought your furry bundle of joy home, answering the question of where to leave your pup while you are gone can be difficult.

We understand you might be nervous about leaving them with friends, family or even a sitter - especially if they have a medical condition, are recovering from a procedure or need to take medications. After all, what if an emergency or unexpected incident occurs? You want to know they'll be in capable, experienced hands.

At Scottsdale Ranch Animal Hospital, our vets understand that deciding what kind of care will work best for you and your pet can be challenging, but doing some research into dog boarding options near you can help you get some clear answers. If you've never sought medical pet boarding services for your dog before, here are 10 reasons to choose this option.

1. Your dog will be comfortable in our safe, clean facility.

In years past, dogs who stayed at pet boarding facilities were often cooped up for much of their stay in a grim, dingy cage. However, times have changed! We have a team ready and waiting to care for your dog and make sure they get the rest, relaxation and attention they need. We are experienced in caring for dogs with medical conditions. Our facility is safe, clean and ready to accommodate dogs with a range of needs. Your pup will have their own area to sleep and relax in. We offer climate-controlled kennels, comfy beds and 24/7 monitoring.

2. We can accommodate special dietary needs.

Special needs dogs often require specialized food and need to eat a certain amount, at specific times. Mealtimes are another thing we do without breaking a sweat here at our Scottsdale pet boarding facility. We will be happy to feed your dog according to their specified diet and schedule; just bring any food and treats with you to drop off, along with clear instructions on their regular mealtime routine and we will take care of it.

3. Your dog will have opportunities to socialize.

Separation anxiety can be tough to handle for any dog (and their owner), but when your pet has specific medical needs, both of you might - understandably - be feeling a bit more on edge. While your dog might be on a reduced activity schedule, they still may need lots of cuddles, treats and tender loving care. 

At Scottsdale Ranch Animal Hospital, we understand that all dogs need frequent positive interactions with their caretakers - and regular opportunities to socialize. While boarding with us, dogs can practice socializing and interacting with our staff, both during their trial stay to make sure they are a good fit and during the duration of their time with us.

4. Your dog will have access to veterinary medical care.

While your pet may be perfectly healthy when you leave, medical issues can sometimes occur suddenly. If this occurs while you and your pet are apart, you may feel extremely anxious until you can see your pet again. That said, our team is experienced in handling pets with a variety of chronic health conditions, from kidney disease to diabetes and those who have special dietary requirements.

if your pet is with us you'll know they have access to veterinary professionals and our team who are experienced in handling medical emergencies. When you board your pet with your regular vet, you'll have the comfort of knowing that if your dog needs medical treatment, people your dog knows and trusts will be on hand to provide it.

5. We understand your dog's activity needs.

While high-energy pooches may need three walks a day, those with medical conditions are often on a reduced or limited activity schedule prescribed by their vet. If you also use our veterinary services, this can work in your favor if you choose to bring your pet to our boarding facility. Some faces might be familiar to them and our staff will be sure to learn all about your pet's specific needs when it comes to physical activity. 

6. Your dog will have a predictable routine.

One reason why dogs sometimes feel anxious or stressed when their humans are away is that other aspects of their routine are also disrupted; they're around people they may not know and are taking in new smells, new places and perhaps new animals or food, if you leave them with friends who have existing pets in their homes. This goes double for pets with special medical needs who may prefer their quiet routine.

When you choose our dog boarding services, you'll know that your dog will have a predictable, healthy routine if rest, relaxation, regular meals and activities tailored to their needs. We'll do our best to mimic your pet's home routine and keep them as comfortable as possible. They'll have their own individual space, a comfy bed that's always stocked with clean blankets, towels and bowls, and any special diet and medication accommodations they may require - along with lots of pets from our experienced staff (this also goes for cat boarding at our Scottsdale facility).

7. We'll gladly administer your pet's medications during their stay with us.

We understand that it can be nerve-wracking to leave your pet with someone if they need to take medications regularly - you don't want to give this major responsibility to just anyone! We also offer medical boarding services so our expert nurses and veterinarians can administer medications, supervise your pet and monitor them closely. Any required medications will be provided on the same schedule your pup is used to at home. Don't forget to bring your pet's clearly labeled medications, along with concise, typed instructions on how best to administer them.

8. All dogs staying at our Scottsdale facility are required to be vaccinated.

The last thing you want is to trust your dog's care and safety to anyone or any place where they might contract an illness or disease - especially if they have existing medical needs. That's why all dogs that stay with us are required to have up-to-date vaccinations and be free of fleas and ticks.

9. You have a medical emergency.

Medical emergencies, whether they happen to you or a family member, can be emotionally, physically and financially stressful. If you need to help a family member recover or are recovering from your own illness or injury, you might not be able to give your special needs dog the care you'd like to. By using our Scottsdale vet clinic's pet boarding services, you can fill many pet care gaps by taking on the daily tasks of cuddling, exercising and feeding until you're well enough to do these again with your pet. 

10. You need to entertain guests for the weekend.

Having a large party or gathering at your place? Even sociable dogs (especially those with chronic health conditions) can become overwhelmed and anxious around large groups of people, which can lead to them feeling uncomfortable or acting out. From a guest's perspective, they may have allergies, their own medical needs or a fear of dogs. Perhaps a short stay at our boarding facility might be just what you need to keep everyone healthy, happy and comfortable.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

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